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Date Posted: February 24, 2016

Position: Teacher-Consultants

Our company owns and manages two high-traffic websites with resources for elementary school teachers. Each month, hundreds of thousands of teachers visit our sites: and

We're developing a new math practice website at We're looking to hire three elementary math consultants to provide constructive feedback as we progress through this project.

Consultants will meet together, in our Tonawanda office, for a four hour meeting every 2 months. They will review our progress on the new site and provide feedback to our content writers, graphic artists, and IT development team.

Dates and times are listed below. We've tried to choose dates when teachers will be off from school.

Necessary job requirements:
  • Some experience teaching in an elementary school
  • Strong computer literacy skills
  • Familiarity with Common Core

  • Approximately 4 hours per session (usually 8am through 12:00pm)
  • Approximately 6 sessions over a nine month period
    • Probable dates include:
    • Thursday, June 30, 2016
    • Thursday, August 18, 2016
    • Monday, October 10, 2016 (Columbus Day)
    • Thursday, December 29, 2016 (During Christmas break)
    • Tuesday, February 21, 2017 (Tues after Presidents' Day)

Pay & Benefits:
  • $50 per hour ($200 per day; $1,000 total)
  • Paid as freelance consultant. Please note that we are required to send you a 1099 tax form if you earn more than $600 in a calendar year.

About Us
TPW Websites was founded in 2007. We own and manage websites with resources for teachers and students.

Our office is located in the City of Tonawanda. We currently have about a dozen in-house employees, including IT professionals, graphic artists, writers, and customer support staff. We are proud to be a small, but growing Western New York business.

To Apply

Please contact us at BOTH of the e-mail addresses below.

In your e-mail, please include the following:
  • your resume

Please note: This is an in-house position. We are not looking to hire freelancers at this time.
Thank you for your interest in this position.

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