Full Time Positions, In House

Bookkeeping and/or Accounting
Bookeeper with strong organizational, computer, and personal skills
to handle accounts payable and receivable.

(Posted October 15, 2018)

Graphic Artist
Graphic artist with strong Adobe Illustrator skills to create graphics and illustrations
for our a new site that's in development.

(Posted October 11, 2016)
Position Filled November 2016

Writer with experience teaching elementary mathematics
to write questions for a new site that's in development.

(Posted April 15, 2016)
Position Filled May 2016

Consultant Positions

Teacher Consultants
We're looking to hire teacher-consultants to come into the office on specific days
to help critique and test a new site that's in development.

(Posted April 15, 2016)
Positions Filled May 2016

Freelance, Work from Home

Freelance Writers
From time to time, we accept freelance submissions for Super Teacher Worksheets.
Please check S.T.W.'s submission page to see if we are accepting submissions at this time.

(Ongoing Posting)

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